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We offer a variety of courses. We can get you started using the Internet for leisure. Give you one-to-one tuition on programming your own web-site so that you can conquer the world and sell to 322 million English speaking people and more ....

Bespoke Training for Computer Programming and Applications

S.C.T has been providing the very best in I.T. training since 1989. We deliver bespoke training to meet specific needs. We deliver the courses when and where you need it. Tell us your requirements and we will develop your tailor-made training programme. We as proprietors and trainers have a proven track record of experience and success; Our business over the past 25 years has mostly come from referrals. Being small, having clients who express their satisfaction is our chief means of developing the business. We specialise in training groups and on a one-to-one basis. You can bring along your own laptop or use the desktops available. Going on-site to train employees on their own machines in their own environment will ensure productivity with less downtime. Our suite of courses are kept up to date. If your are seeking promotion or job change we can quickly help you progress, or get back into the workforce by updating your computer skills. We respect the experience and knowledge of each course participant. Whether you are a computer debutant with a new laptop or you want to come to grips with advanced programming methods in networking we are here to help.

As trainers we are mature, highly qualified professionals with years of experience, both as practitioners and pedagogues. Courses can be organised day time over consecutive days or one day per week, whichever is more suitable. Our pricing is extremely competitive - (Click on Schedule).

Students are prepared for certification by external bodies e.g. Oracle ( Sun Microsystems ), Linux Professional Institute.

We develop web sites for individuals or companies at very reasonable rates and can also provide server side programming for current web sites for data storage/access or decision making processes in any of the following languages: php, Perl, JSP, ASP.NET.

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Email : info@sct-ireland.com

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Accreditations :

Science Research Associates (SRA).
(I.C.S) Irish Computer Society
Ericsson, CTI, RedHat external trainer approved.

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Our suite of courses:

C++ Primer<>C++ AdvancedC#
Java BeginnersJava AdvancedJava Enterprise Edition
Java Mobile (J2ME)VB.NETVisual Basic 6
ASP.NETLinux AdministrationLinux Servers
Linux LPI prep. Linux Shell ScriptingHTML/DreamWeaver
JavaScriptPhp/MysqlPerl Scripting
XMLSQLAndroid Programming.
Python Scripting  

School of Computer Technology