School of Computer Technology

Web Site
Programming & Maintenance
Course Description :

We can custom build this course for our corporate and day students. The standard course is suited to those who want to establish a presence on the Internet by creating and/or maintaining Web Sites for themselves and others. You will be able to bring your web pages alive with audios, videos, and animations. You will know how to put a form on your web site, and read back its content. With an underpinning knowledge of hand coding, you will then be introduced to DreamWeaver as a tool for expediting the process.

Intended for :

Anyone who requires a practical hands-on introduction to web development using HTML, DreamWeaver and CSS.

Prerequisites :

Interest, and a basic knowledge of computer applications are essential. You must like designing page layouts and writing code.

Major Benefits : At the end of the course you will have learned to:
  • Use constructs of HTML
  • Create and use Cascading Style Sheets(css)
  • Create ImageMaps and HyperLinks
  • Text edit, format, make lists, make headings
  • Use Graphic - formats, resolutions, colour
  • Create Graphical Animations and background Tiles
  • Create Hypertext and Mediatext, modify and alter links
  • Create and edit Forms
  • Perform Table layout and editing
  • Start using DreamWeaver
Course Delivery :

You will be one-to-one or in a small group. Course Material is supplied.
We can also deliver the course at your office and demonstrate on your local systems if required, or you may bring along your own laptop or use the computers at our office. All courses will be delivered by a mature experienced teacher.